The Kendal Pattern Book

November 18, 2017. Members were treated to an utterly fascinating talk about the Kendal Pattern Book by the engaging Alison Ongley from the Lancs and South Lakes Guild. We struggled to let her go long after her presentation! The Kendal Pattern Book is a surviving catalogue belonging to John Crewdson IV of woven samples from the 16th century. We learnt about the history of weaving in Kendal before mechanisation and will be seeing Kendal in a new light as we discovered the town’s development thanks to the wool trade. The skills of the poverty stricken 16th and 17th century weavers and spinners simply blew our minds. Newly woven examples were produced by weavers from the Lancs and South Lakes Guild and an extraordinary new Kendal Pattern Book was printed as a result. The original is locked in the Mayor’s drawer! Ali Ongley herself wove the fabric and made the dress and petticoat as worn by ‘Lily’.

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