At meetings you’ll find people spinning a variety of fibres on wheels and spindles. Members are generous with their knowledge and willing to help those who are learning spinning methods, fibre preparation and yarn management skills. The guild has some wheels and other equipment for loan to members, so it is possible to try the skills before making an investment for yourself.

Upcoming spinning workshop
20 June 2020
“Longdraw” James will be teaching us longdraw spinning techniques.

Further Learning
It is possible to take the Foundation Certificate and Certificate of Achievement in Spinning. Experienced members are always willing to help those undertaking these certificates, and several have completed one of them. More information about spinning certificates.

There is a good selection of spinning books in the Guild library available for members to borrow. There will be a topical selection at each meeting. You can also see the full list of all the books and request a book to be brought to the next meeting for you to borrow.

See past guild posts about spinning.

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