Challenge February 2022

2021's Guild Challenge theme was entitled "Bright Intervals" and the members did not hold back! Beautiful results were exhibited at February's meeting, showing members' varied and substantial skills. Thank you for everyone for bringing along their pieces and also thank you to Hazel for sharing her stunning leaf patterned bag via Zoom (not shown here).

Show and Tell November 2021

Thank you EVGSWD for a thoroughly enjoyable meeting! Members brought along all kinds of fabulous items and works of art that they've been working on in 2021. From Denise's first remarkable skein and homespun hat to Rachel's extraordinary woven tea towels, enjoy the pictures! You clever and inspiring lot!

Challenge 2021

“THROUGH THE WINDOW” 16TH January 2021 Welcome to Challenge 2021. Once again, a big thank you to all contributors. A tree through the year I tried to portray a tree through the year, with flowers to fruit to snowy twigs. Lots of inkle braids, and a fair bit of twisted woolly stuff, but all from... Continue Reading →

Show and Tell 2020

Welcome to Show and Tell 2020. What a treat! A big thank you to all contributors. Beautifully woven rainbow shawl Inspiration - At start of lockdown a vibrant rainbow straddled the very dark fells around Keswick and seemed to embrace the town. Then as weeks went by and weaving grew, rainbows began appearing in windows.Materials/techniques... Continue Reading →

Drum Carder Blending

Saturday 16th June 2018, at Mungrisdale Village Hall was once again a hive of activity as we were shown how to colour-blend on a drum-carder. Visiting tutor Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth travelled from West Yorkshire to demonstrate another of her many fibre skills – this time blending wool and other fibres on a drum-carder to produce colourful,... Continue Reading →

2018 Challenge

Last Summer all members were invited to take home 50g of white Shetland carded fleece and 50g of black Shetland. The theme was black and white. As you can see some of us love to break the “rules!” Enjoy the results!

Ply-Split Braiding

March 2018 Acquiring a new skill in a single day is always a steep learning curve, and a recent workshop at Mungrisdale Village Hall recently, initially seemed every bit as difficult as scaling the steep slopes of Blencathra, close by! Carole Dickens, an active member of Eden Valley Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers, learnt... Continue Reading →

Challenge January 2020

Ned Donk and his wife Asster, enjoy relaxing at their beach hut. They find the air very pleasant at Norton-Super-Mare, on the coast of Narnia. Young Theo Bear, whose parents have a nearby hut, likes to visit them, especially when he's a bit tired of playing ball with his friends. Today he brought his bucket... Continue Reading →

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