Guild equipment available for loan to members:

  • Two Louet drum carders
  • Two Ashford Traditional spinning wheels
  • Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel
  • Warping frame
  • Ashford eight-shaft table loom
  • Bergere rigid heddle loom
  • Table inkle loom
  • Floor inkle loom
  • Jumbo flyer and accessories
  • Wool combs and stand
  • Spin dryer
  • Cord winder
  • Locker needle hook
  • Peg loom
  • Exhibition stand

We want you to borrow the equipment. Here’s how!

Equipment is initially borrowed for a minimum of one month but may be retained for longer if no-one is waiting for it. However, if it is kept for longer than two months then please contact the equipment secretary to extend the borrowing period.

A deposit of £20 (cash only) is required.

If you have borrowed equipment, it may be convenient for it to be passed directly by you to a new borrower, rather than returning it to the custodian. The new equipment form allows for this to happen.

Members will have a list of all the Guild equipment that we hold, showing the current borrowers and custodians. This list will be updated periodically, so if you would like to try something out, here’s how to do it.

If you would like to borrow equipment,

  • Contact the current borrower (if it is out on loan) or committee member who is the custodian and agree a day and place for hand over. Use a copy of the equipment form which is available at meetings and complete it. This form is also sent to you with the membership list and is also available from the Resources section here.
  • Give the £20 deposit to the person handing the equipment to you.
  • Ask the person handing equipment over to sign it over to you on Section A of the form, and sign it yourself.
  • Send, or give, this signed form to the equipment secretary so that ownership of the money that they are holding from the previous borrower can be transferred to you.

If you hand over equipment directly to another borrower:

  • It is important that you sign the next borrower’s form. This is your proof that you no longer have the equipment. Your deposit will be returned to you by the next borrower when you hand it over.

If you hand over equipment directly back to the custodian for storage

Ask them to sign in Section B and give the form to the equipment secretary to get your deposit back.


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