Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshop

October 2017 with Jane Flanagan

The rigid heddle loom is frequently dismissed with the comment: ‘You can only do plain weave.’ Jane set out to show us that with some sticks and string you can do a lot more. With a single pick-up stick we were able to weave several interesting textures made by weft and/or warp floats. By adding a second pick-up stick we could weave a more complex textile such as honeycomb. The simplicity and versatility of these techniques means that you can do a lot of sampling on the loom before deciding on a particular weave structure. We also learned how to make a lease stick to add to the RH loom’s possibilities. Jane’s clear instructions and tremendous enthusiasm for this workshop, which she had designed especially for us, made it an inspiring and enjoyable day.
Heather Seddon

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