Patterns and Instructions

Most of these are PDF files which will open in a new window.

Backstrap Loom Weaving (February 2017) – workshop notes

Ikat Dyeing a Warp (March 2017) – workshop notes

Dyeing Wool for Beginners (acid dyes only) (May 2016)  – workshop notesrisk assessment

Overshot draft webWeaving Overshot (March 2015 workshop) – Here is the draft. It is a 4-shaft draft called Italian Diamond.


‘Fish and Chip Baby’ pattern for knitted jumper and hat – original patternrevised pattern (with instructions for larger sizes)

Knitting with Energised Singles (from Pete & Carol Leonard’s workshop March 2011) – instructions

Sami Bands (Susan Foulkes’ workshop March 2013) – 5 7 and 9 pattern thread charts

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