evgswd-LOGO-spinning-motifCOLOURSAt meetings you’ll find people spinning a variety of fibres on wheels and spindles. Members are generous with their knowledge and willing to help those who are learning spinning methods, fibre preparation and yarn management skills. The guild has some wheels and other equipment for loan to members, so it is possible to try the skills before making an investment for yourself. Gallery and more spinning info.



evgswd-LOGO-weaving-motifCOLOURSMany of our guild members are weavers – some experienced, and some just learning – using a variety of equipment both simple and more complicated. The Guild has a rigid heddle loom, an inkle loom and an 8 shaft table loom available for loan to members as well as reference books in the library. Gallery and more weaving info.


evgswd-LOGO-dying-motifCOLOURSThere is a huge potential for dyeing fleece, spun yarn or finished cloth to make original textiles, using both natural and synthetic dyes. Guild workshops and demonstrations give opportunities to experience the processes involved and to learn from guest instructors and experienced members. Gallery and more dyeing info.

Related Fibre Crafts

Besides our three core skills of spinning, weaving and dyeing, there are related fibre crafts that are relevant and of interest to our guild members. Some of these include: preparing fibre for spinning or felting, making felt, using hand spun yarn in knitting and crochet, techniques for finishing woven textiles, or projects to use woven fabric. Gallery and more info.


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