Other Fibre Crafts

Besides our three core skills of spinning, weaving and dyeing, there are related fibre crafts that are relevant and of interest to our guild members. Some of these include: preparing fibre for spinning or felting, making felt, using hand spun yarn in knitting and crochet, techniques for finishing woven textiles, or projects to use woven fabric.

Upcoming workshops
18 April 2020 – Paper making with thread and fibre – create your own lampshade by the end of the day! with Wendy Stanger.
19 September 2020 – Skills share day: Finishing weaving techniques led by Carol Moss and Gwyn Hunt – all experienced weavers invited to share knowledge and advice with those of us still learning or refining our skills.
17 October 2020 – Create your own gossamer felt scarf with Catherine Slater.

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